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Stake DAO NFTs

The herd lies scattered. Oracles, Explorers, Nomads and Diplomats desperately seek to reunite across time and space. The boundaries between intergalactic realms make for an almost impossible mission, yet still the herd marches on, in an eternal quest to rebuild their fallen kingdom. Their citadel has crumbled, and only cryptic clues remain. They say an elephant never forgets, so how did these fine fellows drift so far apart? What unearthly cataclysm could have torn such a rift between them and, more importantly, how will they bridge the gap to become whole once more? Faint memories of a distant time, forever chiseled in tablets of stone, tell tales of great powers dormant in the dark recesses of their minds. Chronicles from forgotten lands could reveal their abilities to influence the present, change the future and alter entire dimensions. To regain their ethereal powers, the almighty herd must fight against the elements, conquering the cosmic beyond and all that it throws in their way. The herd has not forgotten.

Apr 2021
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