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Sr cat trips

Sr Cat trips begins with a collection of 5,000 unique avatars of its kind, living in poligon and etherum. They are traveling in every corner of the Internet born from the idea of a universe ruled by cats in which our main avatar uses all kinds of camouflage to avoid being detected by enemy forces. We got up together. We build together. We grow together. Ready to traverse the universe with Mr Cat? A percentage of the profits made from Sr cat trips will be used to provide a better future for my niece who is a very low-income girl. Dear friends our trip with Mr cat will bring great benefits to everyone, for that your support will be fundamental. thank you for supporting my art

when the collection trips of sr cat is sold in 95% a second installment will begin with a new character and better places and costumes [holders will have 1 FREE NFT] this is not a crypto punk not bored ape but this Sr Cat will explode in your heart

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Feb 2022
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