We are the first and only sportPunks, a tribute to the best athletes in the world and a homage to the OG cryptopunks by Larva Labs

This is a limited collection of 100 sportPunks 1/1 editions with drops every week under the following price tier

sportPunk: 0.35 ETH Superstar: 0.40 ETH MVP: 0.60 ETH World Champ: 0.75 ETH Out of this World: 1.00 ETH

Once all 100 sportPunks are released, there will be a timed auction for 5 last extra sportPunks with a reserve price of 1 ETH

sportPunks is a ☑ certified #unofficialpunks subgenre to the #punkverse.

#UnofficialPunks™ are a social collaboration paying homage to the OG punks.

The owner of this sportPunk also owns full-commercial rights to the image itself.

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