sorryaboutyourcats | fractal animations

How do I decode the name of a fractal, like T-AD IS | 2K 300fps?

  1. The letter(s) behind the dash is the actual name of the series, so in this case, it's T. All fractals in a series share something in common. With the T series, all fractals use the same two formulas. Some series share other things in common, such as the FP series - in that, all fractals share the fact that they're all experimental animations, instead of rendering the fractal animation frame by frame.
  2. After the dash, it's the version and revision. Different versions do not share keyframes and have totally different animations, but different revisions share at least one keyframe in common. As with T-AD, this means that there were 3 different animations made before it, but this one made the cut.
  3. The letters after that, in this case IS, stands for the palette type, which is the set of colors used.
  4. Lastly, the resolution & frame rate is listed at the end (and sometimes with additional info after).