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Shellz Orb

About this collection

ERC 721

馃挮9000 Shellz wandering in a post apocalyptic world馃挮

8160 NFTs Sold out in Presale. 840 NFT Public mint Sold Out on OpenSea January 31st 2023.

Shellz Orb is a lore and art-based brand.

Our journey begins in NFTs with the goal of making Web3 within an arm's reach of every person on earth.


Items minted9,000
Enter The Orb

Shellz Orb is a brand set in a post-apocalyptic world. We are born through NFTs to expand into all facets of Web3 and media. Since the sellout of our presale on Aug 10, 2022, in just 150 minutes, we've entered into a partnership with the Neese Brothers, co-executive producers of the #1 Netflix series Umbrella Academy. This allows us to expand in the entertainment industry via a new animated TV show. The partnership also has the potential to produce Shellz Orb comic books. As a member of Shellz Orb, you get to vote in the OrbStach DAO, funded by 25% of royalties & created to empower community members interested in expanding and utilizing their Shellz Orb IP. THE ORB is building for the future, guided by community, team, partnerships, and opportunities. Will you walk with us?

Shellz Orb Begins

The planet melted. Society collapsed. Cities cracked in half. People turned into collapsed guts. Animal and marine life cooked in place. Icons of earth turned into blistered shadows. But one animal was more prepared for the cosmic cook than the rest.


With the asteroid came a nuclear blast clumped with a radiation burst that splattered out over earth like a toxic event. What we didn鈥檛 know then but will learn now is that the asteroid was made with something cosmically special and would change life on earth forever.


The resin and energy trapped deep inside this celestial bomb was about to become the fuel for everything.

Turtle brains are some of the most evolved and untouched. When the blast wave swept across earth and over all beings, for the turtles, their reptilian brains were zapped with the paddles of orb radiation. In tandem, the floating orb resin dust soaked through every pore, infiltrating the deepest DNA of their evolved selves as well. Then it began.

Sentience came.

And with that 鈥 a soul unlocked that had always been deep inside its animal form.

So, while the last few humans scurried deep into the air pockets of the earth below, desperate to maintain their race, the turtles thrived as they evolved above.

The world -- in its ruin-- had a new lead species rise from it like a reptilian phoenix.

Shellz Orb.


The Shellz have formed four factions based on their location and their cultural and technological influences: the Nara Faction, the Scavenger Faction, the Cyber Faction, and the Ethereals. The Nara Faction is influenced by the principles of Dokkodo and values honor and respect. They prefer traditional martial arts and primitive weaponry. The Scavenger Faction is based in trade and is known for scavenging the land for metal scraps and resources left behind by human civilization. The Cyber Faction is the most technologically advanced and has been able to harness the advanced weaponry and systems left behind in Cyber City. The Ethereal Shellz are infused with Orb Energy and serve as a reminder of the Orb Energy's presence on the planet.

Meet The Artists

Meet the talented artists behind Shellz Orb, the highest quality, hand-drawn art project ever minted to ETH. 2500 traits and 300Gb of PNGs. Each artist plays a crucial role in maintaining the brand's high standards for quality and attention to detail. From lead designer Voyager, who is "Adobe 25 under 25" awarded and worked for the popular games "League of Legends" and "Magic the Gathering," to lead animator and world designer Andy J, who has experience with another NFT project called "Rifters," the team is full of skilled and dedicated individuals. Illustrators and graphic artists Rikki Velez, Pink Pixest, and Izzie bring their artistic talents to the project, while Dasha handles web design and Jack Ford provides audio design. Cinematographer Dexter Wandel rounds out the team with experience working on projects for HBO and Estee Lauder. We invite you to explore their works and get to know the artists behind Shellz Orb.