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Shattered Island - Last sights of the Tonga volcano

Utmost exclusive 1/1 fine art shots of the "Tonga volcano" that has been annihilated in 2022 by a tremendous explosion. Taken during a expedition for the NASA, and covered by world top media (NY Times, National Geographic, BBC, Science News, etc.)

In 2017 we have been the 1st official visitors to land "HTHH", helping NASA on a field study. -> Check our 1' teaser on to know more !

Imagine ! For the very first time in NFT era, an entire island has been blown-away by a massive volcanic eruption. Virtually nobody walked on it, and nobody will ever do. With those absolutely unique pictures engraved onto the blockchain, “Shattered Island” is taking the concept of “Burnt BANKSY” to the next level !

TEASER BONUS : we will mint a second small collection of non-photographic NFTs. With one of each in hand, you will be able to claim a real piece of the "Tonga Volcano", with the code included in the locked content !

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Jan 2022
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