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Seoul City

About this collection

ERC 721

Presented by OrangeHare

OrangeHare is proud to present “Seoul City,” a collection of 693 limited edition NFTs by 7 established artists from S. Korea’s capital.

If eyes truly are the window to the soul, then how might an artist see the city they live in? This collection of 7 influential Korean artists from Seoul serve as a mirror into their individual experiences living, working, and contributing to a city that cranks out culture on a global scale. From pulsating predators and graffiti-soaked walls to quiet reflections and dripping ice cream cones, each piece opens a new window onto a shared view of the Korean capital. This is Seoul City, a place they call home.


  • KangCar
  • WEZT
  • CJroblue
  • AndyJay
  • Joy Jo
  • Kyujin Cho
  • Rokkankim

** Holders who have all 7 animation works until 30 Sep(by midnight, EDT) will will be airdropped of the Seoul City logo image NFT BELOW.

45.7% minted317 / 693

Seoul, a dynamic city of constant change, is a trendsetting hub where digitalization thrives. New buildings and shops spring up daily, navigation is ubiquitous, and online services redefine convenience. From food to fashion, everything evolves swiftly. Remarkably, in just 70 years, Seoul has risen from war-torn ruins to a beacon of the future, a place where the lights never turn off. Yet, despite this rapid pace, it remains one of the safest cities on earth, and traces of tradition endure- evidenced by centuries-old palaces and colorful rooftops. A fusion of ancient and modern, melancholic and elated, Seoul weaves tales of transformation on every street corner, and we invite you to explore the unfolding of these narratives through an artist’s perspective within “Seoul City.” Although each piece is deeply personal to those who created it, taken together, they reflect the story of a city always on the verge of constant change.

[KangCar] I like Candy(Animation)

I remember when I was a young, candy was the size of my fist, and king-sized bars were nearly impossible to hold with both hands. Even now as an adult I can remember the taste, almost as sweet as my memories from back then. With this work, I have created an ice cream cone that will never melt or grow old. The memories of youth, carefree and full of joy, are preserved. The subtitle of this work is ‘Fresh Strawberry, Blueberry, Rainbow Candy Ice cream #52’.


For Minseok Kang (aka KangCar), nothing goes to waste. As a mixed-media artist, he squeezes every bit he can out of his creative process, paper trimmings, paint drippings, and canvas clippings for later use. When he has enough, these scraps are then meticulously crafted into ice cream cone sculptures that seem to positively drip with the “leftover” juices of his previous works, namely, cars.

Although KangCar’s ice cream cone series is a direct byproduct of this process, they represent leisure and slow enjoyment, an irony that is not lost on the artist. Rendered and digitized forever into NFT format, KangCar’s ice cream cones will never melt, and remind us to take a second to enjoy the sweetness of life, which won’t last forever.

KangCar has exhibited and collaborated on numerous exhibitions, including the 2017 Jeonnam Moto Festival, MINI Motors, Hyundai Motors.

[WEZT] WEZT in the house(Photography)

"The city of Seoul changes rapidly and trends come and go quickly. As a graffiti artist, the city's transformation signifies the disappearance of our walls. The wall in this artwork is part of the Seongsu-dong Redevelopment District and has stood for over 40 years. My graffiti work on the old shutters presents a unique combination of traditional Korean tiled roofs and American graffiti culture. In the future, I want to continue incorporating Korean buildings and graffiti in my work."

Graffiti size: 2.2m x 2m


Although Lee Seok-Kyu (aka WEZT) is certainly a graffiti artist, he prefers to think of himself as a “Wall Explorer,” a man of global taste. After “exploring walls” (ahem, painting) in over 30 countries and collaborating with world famous megastars and brands such as BLACKPINK, J-Hope (of BTS), KIA Motors, Samsung, and KG Mobility Tivoli, we say he’s earned the title.

And at the same time, nobody can say he sold out. Inspired by contemporary internet memes and comic-book characters, WEZT’s distinct bubble letters harken back to the old-school graffiti greats, which he harnesses enthusiastically. Due to the raw nature of his work and the clear respect he pays to the past, he is a rare breed of graffiti artist that is well-respected by casual pedestrians and graffiti aficionados alike, especially in his native city of Seoul. WEZT is currently a member of the graffiti crews BAMC and SKA (based in LA).

[CJroblue] Overnight(Animation)

There is no time as emotionally rich as the early morning when it's raining. It's a time to close your eyes and immerse yourself in the lyrics of a poem.


With a career that spans nearly two decades, Choi Jung Hyun (aka CJroblue) is a celebrated illustrator and artist whose contributions to NFT history in Korea is nothing short of indispensable. Through his artwork, he unveils the sublime beauty hidden within the ordinary, and invites audiences to explore the emotions, memories, and connections that lie hidden just beneath the surface. In doing so, he hopes we can see the small things more clearly, and each other with greater interest and empathy.

Beyond his own art, CJroblue boasts an impressive collaboration history with numerous brands, including contributing illustrations for Warner Bros Korea’s "Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey" as well as Hyundai, Rolls-Royce, LG subsidiaries, Adobe, Toyota, Samsung, and more.

[AndyJay] Picnic #6 : Memory cake(Image)

"I deeply contemplate what could bring you joy. I wanted to make you happy by gifting you the best thing I have. Let's embrace everything we love and go on a picnic. With the gentle sunlight and breeze on the quiet grass, we can enjoy the leisurely flow of time. All of this is yours to savor and enjoy."

Everything is a gift for you. I prepared it while imagining the delight on your face.

Gift List

  • Memory Cake (adorned with familiar flowers)
  • Soufflé Pancake (fig, cherry, banana, cream)
  • Caramel
  • Honey
  • Water infused with orange and cherry blossoms
  • Matcha Latte
  • Peach
  • Red Tulip
  • Pink pearl necklace
  • Amethyst
  • Diary and feather pen
  • Scattered cherry blossom petals

Joo YeonHui (aka AndyJay) is a Korean artist on a mission to feed your soul. Her extraordinary talent has garnered international acclaim, with her works showcased at prestigious venues such as the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, and she was even featured as an up-and-coming NFT artist by the esteemed “Contemporary Art Curator” publication.

The artist offers up idyllic picnic scenes to her audience like a gift, giving us a glimpse of the grand celebration of life as well as the timeless appeal of fairy tales. And if you look closely, you can even spot guests: Two rabbits by the name of Andy and Jay (like the name!)

[Joy Jo] Summer Breeze(Image)

“Summer Breeze” an Abstract Diary that captures the essence of a summer coastal city, where the humid tropical breeze melts into the air. No matter how far away I am, the space where most of my works are completed and the place that occupies the largest image in my perception is Seoul, the city where I was born and raised, so the abstract image of the city I complete always naturally permeates the scent and color of Seoul. Creating this Abstract Diary is my way of recording a day and a fleeting moment, and no amount of detailed words or beautifully written prose can effectively convey the emotions of that day. As a work of art, it is the essence of the moment, and a recording of emotion and space.

Joy Jo

Ahyoung Jo (aka Joy Jo) is an artist whose large-scale works delve into the unknown borders of cities, the world, and the universe beyond. To explore the edge between reality and subjectivity, her artistic approach revolves around creating abstract expressions, which attempt to capture these inner worlds and make them visible. Having spent extended periods in London and Germany, Joy Jo’s artistic journey is equally influenced by the cities she has spent time in as the philosophy she has consumed.

To date, Joy Jo has actively participated in over 5 solo and group exhibitions in South Korea, Australia, the U.K, and Germany.

[Kyujin Cho] SEOUIUO35(Animation)

When I see tourists passing through Seoul, I often wonder how my city, where I've lived my entire life, appears to them. What are their perceptions and impressions? How do they differ from my own? This piece titled 'SEOUIUO35' (formed by symmetrically combining the elements of ‘Seoul’) imagines my hometown in Korea as a planet viewed from outer space. The planet “SEOUIUO35” is composed of various natural and urban elements as well as traditional and contemporary characteristics that all hum harmoniously as one. It includes: the national flower, Mugunghwa, pine trees, Seoul's architectural landmarks, and traditional Hanok houses. Each of these elements is portrayed with movement and small changes over time, aiming to express the vibrant, beautiful, and dynamic nature of the city as viewed from afar, from a stranger’s eyes. Existing in space, how would the planet “SEOUIUO35” be perceived? Beautiful and splendid? Chaotic and disjointed? Unfamiliar and intimidating? I invite you to explore it on your own, from many perspectives, and hold on to the novelty each new emotion brings just as a tourist to my country might (or an extraterrestrial to Earth!)

Kyujin Cho

My works are a collection born from a deep curiosity about what, exactly, lurks in the deep.

Although the true appearance of these undiscovered creatures remains a mystery for now, they do allow us the opportunity to let our imagination roam free. They can be big or small, under our beds or from outer space, nobody knows. But as I craft each and every artwork, I humbly embrace the unknown, and hope by bringing them to life through my animation, I also bring them to life in your imagination, as well. There are still mysteries left in this vast world of ours, and I hope you have the chance to find joy in that.

[Rokkankim] Neo Seoul(Animation)

This artwork envisions the future of Seoul, a city harmoniously blending high-rise buildings, urban landscapes, and nature. Set in an era of advanced technology and rapid transformations, the scenes portrayed may not be as distant as we think. I believe it is our responsibility to contemplate how Seoul’s evolving lifestyle will change in the future and what mindset we should adopt to prepare for it, and make it as bright as possible.


Kim Jonghyuk(aka Rokkakim) is as much an architect or historian as he is an artist, building vast worlds that link together the past with the present. With a particular emphasis on 1960s-1970s American culture and the Cold War era, his work mixes collages and videos in a darkly comedic manner that invites the kind of interpretation a historical document might when viewed from both the victor and the vanquished.

With an interest in history, space exploration, architectural styles, design, fashion, and more, RokkanKim has made a name for himself as a uniquely versatile artist in the web3 space. Having sold out 60 editions NFT on Upbit NFT marketplace(largest NFT marketplace in Korea) and being chosen as one of the first artists for the WEMADE NILE NFT marketplace in 2022, RokkanKim's influence spans not only Korea, but also the USA, Southeast Asia, and beyond, and he has collaborated on notable projects like Valentine`s “Glenburgie 12 years” and Samsung TV NEO QLED 8K.


Holders who have all 7 animation works until 30 Sep midnight, EDT will be airdropped this NFT.