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Seam Season 0: iOS App Launch

Welcome to Seam — the social network you code, design, and curate. Showcase your creative projects. Connect with future collaborators. Curate your vibe. Seam is your less stress, more fun portfolio—it’s the space for online creatives to share work-in-progress, find inspiration, and meet new friends.

Seam is the first social platform built by the community: anyone can contribute to Seam’s miniapp ecosystem, which powers how and what you share with friends. Try the Pixel Art miniapp to create new sprite art, the music miniapp to share what you’re listening to, or the GIF miniapp to share your mood. Miniapps allow you to create & share in an infinite number of ways—and if the miniapp you’re looking for doesn’t exist yet, you can make it and add it to the Miniapp Marketplace.

We’re bringing back the user-owned era of the Internet. All the sharing and connection without the algorithms and the ads. No more ads means no more doomscrolling or data collection, and aligns the incentives between the platform and the users. In place of an ad-driven business model, Seam has a marketplace of user created miniapps. You earn Seam Points by completing quests and creating stuff for the Seam community, and then spend them on profile customizations and unlocking the mini-apps your friends make.

This is your invitation to be a part of something groundbreaking. Whether you're an artist, a builder, or someone who just loves to explore, there's a place for you on Seam. Together, we’ll shape the future of social media.

Let’s remix the internet to make it personal and whimsical again. Create your Seam profile — we’re excited to see what you cook up!

If you already have a Seam account connected to your wallet, here's how you can link to the mobile app (and keep your handle + earn the Seam Beta badge): Here are the details for how to join…

  1. Log into your Seam account on web, click into Settings, and link your phone number to your account details
  2. On your phone, download the app (
  3. Log in with the account connected to your phone number

& you’re in!

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