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Scottie Pippen SP33

About this collection

ERC 721

1000 Unique Metawear Sneakers: Digital Wearables for the Future.

Welcome to Scottie Pippen's SP33 Collection.

Orange Comet and Legendary Basketball Champion and Hall of Famer, Scottie Pippen, are stepping into the Metaverse with SP33, a dynamic limited-edition virtual wearable cross-platform NFT sneaker collection. Each NFT sneakers will not only feature Orange Comet's signature 3D animations, but it will also be built as a Metaverse-ready digital asset – ready to be worn in just about any ecosystem.

This exclusive sneaker collection celebrates Scottie's career from his early years to his legendary days with Chicago…but through the virtual lens of Orange Comet's award-winning design team; featuring a series of worlds where digital and physical wearables will be drawn from three unique classifications: Modern Day, Futurist, & Transcendent. This Limited Collection will consist of only 1000 pairs of Pippen Kicks NFTs.

Lucky 33 Physical Sneakers: On December 9, 2005 during the halftime of Chicago's game against the L.A. Lakers, Scottie's number “33” was the fourth jersey ever to be retired by Chicago. In honor of this number that carried Scottie through the thick and thin of his career, 33 lucky NFT holders will be randomly selected to receive a physical pair of Scottie Pippen autographed sneakers too!

Mystery Box: Accompanying each pair of sneakers, is an OC Designer Mystery Box. The mystery box is intended to be a work-of-art, all on its own. However, it doesn't stop there because the Mystery Box will reveal something special down the road if you HODL!

Items minted1,000
Welcome to Scottie Pippen's SP33 Collection

An All-Time Champion who rises to greatness is simply iconic. And now, Orange Comet and Scottie Pippen celebrate Scottie’s career achievements with a collection that showcases his love for sneakers.

Scottie Pippen: The Legend Behind the Sneakers

From humble beginnings in Arkansas, Scottie Pippen went from team manager/walk-on college player at Central Arkansas to become one of the best small forward to ever play the game of basketball. He was instrumental to Chicago winning 6 pro basketball championships and as an Olympian, he won 2 Gold Medals as a key member of the 1992 & 1996 iconic United States national basketball teams. During his 17-year-Pro career, he was a 7x All-Star and named 10x to the annual All-Defensive teams. He was named one of the greatest basketball players of ALL-TIME as part of the league’s 75th Anniversary Team. Scottie Pippen was immortalized as legend in 2010 when he was inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame. As Pippen’s career skyrocketed and his trophy collection grew, so did his love of sneakers and fans’ interest in his on-court kick game.

SP33 Utilities
  • Hometown Tour With Scottie, 1/1000: 1 holder (+ their 1 guest) will be randomly selected to receive a tour of Scottie’s hometown leading into a fun dinner afterwards.
  • Golf Outing With Scottie, 2/1000: 2 holders (+ their 1 guest) will be randomly selected to receive a golf outing with Scottie that includes a lunch afterwards with the legend.
  • Physical Sneakers, 33/1000: 33 holders will be randomly selected to receive a pair of autographed physical sneakers. The rest, 967 holders, will have an opportunity to purchase the physical sneakers in the future.
  • Gift Code, 33/1000: 33 holders will receive a QR Code to redeem $100 off any purchase at a notable sneaker lifestyle brand.
  • Metaverse & Game-ready, 1000/1000: All NFT sneakers will be Metaverse & Game-ready so your Avatar can strut them in various virtual ecosystems.
  • Mystery Box, 1000/1000: All holders will receive an Orange Comet Designer Mystery Box that will reveal additional surprises.
  • OC's Cørrupted, 1000/1000: All holders will get early access to Orange Comet’s Cørrupted physical and digital wearables coming in 2023. Cørrupted wear will feature extraordinary one-of-a-kind wearables and in partnership with some of the biggest collaborations the industry has ever seen.
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