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Scoobi Doge The Genesis Comic Book No1

Presenting a Community driven story comic NFT project. Read more These comic books follows the adventure of Scoobi Doge our mascot into his crypto quest meeting various well known characters. Each page and each comic books are have have limited version, which is gold and silver, linked to NFTs and beside this the books have a purple edition which is unlimited and not linked to any NFT.

These purple edition will be sold in physical and virtual stores everywhere in the world and revenue generated through that stream will be used to develop the project over time. We will release 2 to 4 act per year. Some of these NFT will be airdropped to reward long term $SCooBi and $SCooBiNFT holders, diamond hands who are never selling Scoobi tokens, or at least not all their bag.

This is the Genesis Book, the No.1, the first edition of the whole adventure of Scoobi Doge. 10% of all revenue by all sales done is going to Defenders of Wildlife associations.

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Oct 2021
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