Sapien Tribe Passport

The Sapien Tribe Passport endows holders with fundamental rights through citizenship in the Sapien Tribe — the first Sovereign Digital Nation. Unsigned passports are transferable to create a market mechanism for citizenship in the Sapien Tribe — Liquid Citizenship. Passport Holders will have the opportunity to sign their passports at the Constitutional Convention, at which point the passport will become non-transferable and the holder will become a founding member of the Sapien Tribe.

Sapien Tribe Passports will feature unique 1-of-1 historical figures as Avatars. Purchasers of Blank Passports will have the opportunity to select a historical figure to serve as an Avatar on their passport. The Sapien Tribe aims to be a home for all Sapiens, and the Avatar selection is an opportunity to leave your mark on the history of the Sapien Tribe and for all of us to see the value of the figures that have shaped our history.

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