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Running Rabbit by Poesy

The Running Rabbit is a signature by artist Poesy小詩 since 2000.

The Running Rabbit NFT project will first release 111 handdrawn girl rabbits.

77 husbands will follow. With time + carrots, 77 pair of rabbits breed 11 babies.

34 single girls will enjoy other unique utilities.

This project will unfold random acts of kindness as the rabbits multiply.

Read the Running Rabbit roadmap at the website and be part of

our community at the Poesy Official Discord server.

Be sure to join @poesyliang on Twitter, Instagram

and Clubhouse @poesy for real time developments.

A gift of MYR11,111 (Ringgit Malaysia Eleven thousand One hundred & Eleven only) will be donated to the YCK Tuesday Art Angels program before the 111th day after the last girl rabbit is sold.

Tuesday Art provides weekly classes to stateless children in downtown Kuala Lumpur since 2012, founded by Poesy under her social movement Helping Angels 善行天使 in collaboration with Chow Kit Foundation aka YCK.


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