Romain Grosjean Racing Suits Collection

Officially certified and authorised Romain Grosjean NFT in cooperation with SoccerCoin.

Romain Grosjean, a veteran of 180 Formula 1 starts, and NTT Indycar Series 2021 driver, presents his first Official NFT Collection.

On April 17th at 12 pm (CET) owners of UNIQUE NFT's Racing Suit will have the unique opportunity to see the racing suit in person and to meet the Phoenix himself at a special event. Details will be sent to the NFT owners separately.

Furthermore is planned, the Racing Suits 2020 will be available in 40 Gold versions, 179 Silver versions and 391 Bronze versions. The owners of these NFT's will participate in their own lotteries, 8 tickets for Gold, 3 tickets for Silver and 1 for Bronze NFT holders Details will be sent to the NFT owners separately. Prizes include: Dinner with Romain Grosjean, tickets to his races, extra ticket to the event and much more.

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