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KRD by Roger Eberhard

In the late 70s, people in Switzerland began to collect the lids of the little plastic pots of cream that are served with each coffee. What started as a quaint amusement turned into a multimillion dollars scene by the mid 90s, with some collectors spending over 6000$ on a handful of lids. A decade later the cream pot lid mania faded into oblivion and the lids lost their “value”.

KRD (the German abbreviation for “Kaffeerahmdeckeli”) is a series of 50 photographs of cream pot lids by Roger Eberhard. Each lid’s subject shows a collectible that is or once was collected and sought after. From guns and garden gnomes to expensive artworks and airplanes, KRD shows how collecting can be manifold and oftentimes quite absurd. And how some hypes just don’t endure time.

Every NFT from the KRD series is unique. The series is limited to 50 photographs. Each photograph also exists as a unique print (archival pigment print, edition 1/1).

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Sep 2021
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