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Richard Nadler x Verse

In a distant future, Japan had undergone a radical transformation. Advances in technology and science had enabled the creation of new and wondrous things, but they had also brought about great change and upheaval. In the midst of this chaos, a young monk named Akira sought to find inner peace and clarity.

Raised in a traditional temple high in the mountains, Akira had been trained in the ways of the ancient sages and had mastered the art of meditation and mindfulness. But he was also curious about the world outside the temple, and he yearned to explore the new technologies and innovations that were reshaping society.

One day, Akira decided to leave the temple and venture out into the world. He traveled to the sprawling metropolis of Tokyo, where he was amazed by the sights and sounds of the futuristic city. Everywhere he looked, he saw towering skyscrapers and gleaming machines, and he heard the hum of robots and machines working tirelessly.

Dec 2022
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