Laser Sculpture by Victor Ribas

The laser sculptures I create can be surely defined as a new kind of a modern visual art. I developed my own technique to take laser pictures, and the first one was published in 2008. Actually, this method makes possible for me to create both 2D images as a classical photo and 3D pieces of art as a material sculpture. The video I represent, is a sample of how this 3D model would look like. I'm sure I will have an opportunity to create a real 3D laser sculpture in the nearest future. Many of my explicit works are in private collections now. Some of 2D photos sized 60x50cm are kept in the Russian Museum of Art in St. Petersburg. On art critics opinion these images have a new degree of an emotional quality that dramatically differs from previously known art techniques. It's a new reflection of human qualities that are manifested more symbolic, more expressive. And a viewer seems to feel all the energy of my heroes, who are just common people around me - teachers, dancers, musicians, sport