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remnants by kena rose

Love lost, love found, love barely hanging on. Remnants of our experiences are always around us and shape the way we see ourselves and how we live our lives. In her latest project, Kena Rose is exploring the different remnants of a relationship and how the individuals see and experience the disintegration of their love. With generative lyrics, each unique version of the song will reveal a hopeful or a sad ending to the situation. Do you want to want, but you can’t make yourself feel anything? Or do you want what you want and there’s no changing anything?

Along with the generative lyrics, Kena Rose has created soulful artwork that expresses the feelings of the unique version of the song that is minted. The notebook reveals some of the lyrics. The figure is alone and sad, or they’re with the other, trying to work it out.

TEN LEGENDARY versions are also available with completely unique art plus the full single version of the song.

Anyone that mints 3 Remnants NFTs will be sent a T-shirt with their choice of graphic from the ten legendary artworks.

Written by Kena Rose, Genzo and Cheryl Yie. Lead and background vocals by Kena Rose. Produced by Genzo.

*LICENSE: Holder has the right to use the version(s) of the copyrighted work worldwide for non-commercial purposes (without modification) including, but not limited to, syncing the music to visual images, with credit and social media links listed whenever possible. The visual artwork may be used for non-commercial purposes, display or publication with credit. The creators retain full copyright to the underlying IP/song/artwork and all originally created assets.


Remnants of lust/remnants of anger Hang in the air/scattered around A dusty promise/a broken halo Forgotten and ignored

A heavy touch/a heavy door A heavy silence/a heavy heart All of this trying/not even trying Is pulling us down

I want to want but I can’t make myself feel anything, I want to want, but I can’t help that I’m feeling nothing/ I want what I want, I can’t make myself feel nothing, I want what i want, I can’t help that I feel everything

No it isn’t fair We can’t make it right/we can make it right Maybe I still care/you tell me you still care But we were broken From our first night You can’t deny, try as we might there’s nothing left to save/ You can’t deny that we should try, there’s something left to save

Jan 2023
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