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rarart Tree of Life

Man has for centuries painted the Tree of Life based on their own interpretation, imagination or inspiration. This is the first time the image of the Tree of Life was revealed by Mother Nature as it is, painted by Nature with many human forms, portraits or full body, and in different perspectives or activities. When it first mysteriously appeared, I intuitively knew that it was the Tree of Life. Many scholars, priests, pastors, evangelists, churches and their believers would have a special interest in this painting, to study and contemplate on the significance of the tree and its images. Investors and collectors would also want to have a piece of this very rare token. The image was created using the Art of RAR photopainting technique. 20 limited copies would be minted in view of the worldwide interest. Only 3 copies on sale now. The balance 17 would be by auction. This painting has a very special meaning. It was the first picture that appeared to me to start this journey.

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Feb 2022
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