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and then the quiet explosion - Bryan Minear - Limited Edition

Growing up in a small rural town in southeastern Ohio gave me such an appreciation for farm life. But life took me on a different, more creative path, and that's something that I am very thankful for.

Now, so many years later I find myself returning to those same kinds of rural scenes out of comfort. Finding beauty in the mundane has become my mission.

I’ve been wandering the same rural backroads around where I live for over 9 years now. And now that we are moving away and I am looking forward for the first time in a long time, I wanted to take some time to appreciate this moment, almost as an ode to all that this barn has helped me to learn over the years. Because moments, no matter how big or small, are worthy of being captured.

It usually starts with a little bit of hope that you are going to find it. That you will see the scene that you went out for... and then, the quiet explosion.

#1-40 have been gifted to holders of my Seasonal Collection

Oct 2022
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