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Probably A Label

About this collection

ERC 721

We believe music best comes alive when there's context people can connect to emotionally. We see ourselves as creators that help artists rewrite those stories using the power of NFTs. Web3 allows artists to create with more freedom and connect with fans on a much deeper level, our mission is to live at the intersection of that culture.

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A Web3 major label

A partnership between Probably Nothing and Warner Records, a new type of record label aimed at redefining IP ownership in the music industry, utilizing Web3 technology. This is the first time that a traditional major label joins forces with a leading NFT culture brand to build an ecosystem that enables artists to create freely using blockchain technology.

Grammy Award winning artists

Our first music NFT releases will be from Grammy Award winning artists, and claimable for Probably A Label holders. We see the entry of global artists in the Web3 space as beneficial both from an intellectual property standpoint as well as facilitating mass adoption.

The Internet's Mixtape

The first time that a major label partners with a Web3 company to create a hybrid of the traditional label and today’s way of interacting with music. We’ve set a goal of changing the way IP is viewed and utilized across the industry, by making music come alive through NFTs and other mediums that include the community in the creative process.

Doing things differently

Our mission is not to redefine how people listen to music, but to elevate the experience in which people consume it, as well as collaborate directly with artists in a manner that helps develop their creative language. This pass from Probably A Label features access to exclusive releases from artists (including Grammy Award winners), an IP incubator program, events and more…this is just the beginning of our story.

A Grammy?

Imagine a Web3 label developing a virtual artist with its community and every holder getting credited as a creator when that artist wins a Grammy. Our vision is to democratize the creative process of new projects by leveraging the power of community in a more meaningful way. It's our mission to build projects that inspire our holders to push their creative boundaries forward.

Studio A

An incubator created to help holders bring their IP to life, allowing for the creation of new and meaningful projects - not limited to music. Accepting concepts using NFTs from approved partner projects including Azuki, BAYC, Cryptopunks, Degen Toonz, Doodles, Women & Weapons, Photosynthesis, Pudgy Penguins and Stickmen Toys with more to come soon. Holders whose submissions are accepted into the incubator will gain access to resources from Probably A Label: financing, marketing, creative development, partnerships, branding, and PR. A full Web3 team behind your back, building with you.