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Pour My Heart

FACE OF THE RIVER - 1ST CREATED COLLECTION These designs represent 2 things:

  1. How I work as an artist - the ideas & thoughts swirl around in my head, then the creative tap is turned on to pour my heart. Paint lands in a soulful glassy teardrop revealing part of a hand painted design
  2. Depicting my personal transition from painted art to digital art, they are a fusion of the two. Treasuring the old paintings on canvas, but embracing & loving the freedom of digital exploration & expression. Each NFT features a snippet of one of my hand-painted canvases incorporated into the design. ART IS LIVING & KEEPS GIVING - Building futures, yours, mine & others 10% supports homeless & those at risk My hope - each piece of art will bring enjoyment & emotional connection to others for many years to come. My late mum wrote “the face of the river has grown very beautiful. It will reach its’ destination.” (PNG files, 2000 x 2000 pixels square) Some NFTs are 1:1, some are Limited Editions 1 of 3
Jun 2022
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