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PotHead NFT

Pot Heads are digital collectables living on the Polygon Ecosystem. Each Pot Head is unique and programmatically generated from over 100 possible traits. Plus we're adding more every drop!

NFT 2.0 Features like:

  • Continuous Mints (to bring in new users that missed the first mint)
  • Seasonal Additions (allowing new styles and outfits to be added)
  • Baggies (Think of these as the digital version of card packs)
  • Burning (If you don't like your mint, burn it and reroll your luck next mint!)

There will be 12 drops that consist of 10k + one final drop on 4/20/2023 of 3,456. Bringing the total supply after one year to 123,456 unique Pot Head NFTs!

Throughout this year's drop cycle we plan to add hundreds of more styles and plenty of tools and special access to our ecosystem for members only! Its very easy to become a member so join today!

Future NFT2.0 Features to be added within year one, and expanding to cross chain year two and on!

Monthly Mints that increase in value!

Apr 2022
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