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Rhizome x TRLab: Postcards from StarryNight

As 2023 has shaped up to be a seminal moment for generative art and creative A.I., it's only fitting for TRLab to highlight the work of Rhizome, a nonprofit organization and affiliate of The New Museum, for their longtime support of the history and future of born-digital, and generative artworks from the earliest uses of the term in the 1990s. You are invited you on a journey through Rhizome's archive, tracing the evolution of the genre and collecting digital keepsakes along the way. Postcards from StarryNight is an exclusive series of NFTs created from a restored version of an important early work of net art. Each postcard is a 1/1 artwork, featuring a keyword constellation unique to each collector. This artwork will take root in your wallet and identify you to the world as a Rhizome supporter—and provide priority access to additional generative artwork collections launching this fall. Proceeds from this NFT will support Rhizome’s mission. For more, visit

Jun 2023
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