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Polygonyx are spirits from an ancient matrix, something like a blockchain. Now they entered our reality. Something that many thought wouldn't be possible. But here we are. They seem to be able to manifest in many forms. Mostly animals. But there are other Polygonyx as well; Relyx and Symbolons.

Relyx can take any shape or form. Daily objects like cars or statues, trees, flowers. Once a whole lake was reported to be covered by Polygonyx.

Symbolons are polygonshaped symbols or icons that appear randomly in the world. When you first spot them, you could think it's some sort of street art or graffiti. Only do they have a certain glow to them. Nobody knows about the mysterious meaning of these symbols. They appeared on houses, cars, streets, trees, rocks... If you can catch one on the blockchain, it showed, some of them have a mysterious code embedded, which is linked to a secret NFT.

Polygonyx do sometimes appear and then they disappear again. Some Polygonyx have stayed at their place

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