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Poetry at Polygon

Welcome to our Poetry NFT collection, where selected Haiku, Haiga, and English Poetry by Horacio Magnus, shall be displayed and offer as NFT. Editions of 100 as average, but can be larger according demand. All content in either Ethereum Poetry collection or Polygon Poetry collection, is and it will be specific of each collection and WILL NEVER be replicated or duplicated in both collections. We guarantee exclusivity. Imagine you're buying a limited edition book as NFT is all time limited, exclusive and original content, by the page. All writings are (c)3Magnas.NO editor and Horacio Magnus (author). Those who buy 10 or more, will receive a 1/1 NFT containing all writings purchased with a personalized cover, her/his EXCLUSIVE DIGITAL BOOK. Will be send FREE. Presentations were made using Canva and our own photographs or those free of copyright at their site. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any suggestion or request.

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