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Peter Tunney/USA TODAY "Grattitude" and "Liberty" Collection

The USA TODAY Network has partnered with legendary artist Peter Tunney to create two original paintings that have been transformed into animated NFTs, which will be sold to benefit charity. Proceeds will equally benefit The Sunny Center to help individuals who have suffered the injustice of wrongful conviction, and the Gannett Foundation which supports community-building initiatives across the country. The Sunny Center and the Gannett Foundation are equal beneficiaries of the net sales proceeds of the campaign (after the offset for the carbon impact).

Tunney is known for his innovative mixed media use and work that evokes feelings of hope, gratitude, and inspiration. His pieces can be seen from the streets of New York City to Miami’s Wynwood Walls, where he pioneered the now famed colorful walls. His work is collected widely from serious art collectors to well-known celebrities.

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