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War and Peace Through the Eyes of a Child - An Art Exhibition by Ukrainian Refugee Children

When Russia invaded Ukraine, many of the war’s youngest victims—Ukrainian children—were left without a voice. Many struggled to understand and express the feelings of trauma, fear and anger as they and their families were brutalized, targeted and hunted by the Russian war machine. These young children have become the latest modern witnesses to the brutality of a war directed against their families. For many of them, it is only through art that they can express their feelings about what they are going through. Some pieces are coming to us from kids whom we have transported to safety, or who were lucky enough to have been able to escape by other means with their families. Other pieces have been sent to us by children who are still trapped in Ukraine. But every piece tells a uniquely different—and difficult—the story of war and the hope for peace.

Funds raised through the auction will go directly to resettle Ukrainian refugees in Europe. More information

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Apr 2022
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