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pARticle pack

About this collection

ERC 721

Enter the 2.5th Dimension

Welcome to the Particle Ink Metaverse Genesis collection, where your Lightling will illuminate your path. Together you will join the Lightblood Army on its quest to save the 2.5 by battling the Ink God and his Ink Army who are reigning darkness over Luminocity.

Your pARticle pack includes:

• Unique hand-drawn Augmented Reality (AR) Lightling represented as a half-body PFP and full-body 360° interactive character.

• AR Symbol that represents an Order of the Seraphim: Cloud, Moon, Star, Lightning or Rainbow. The Seraphim protect the 2.5 from the darkness and maintain balance between dimensions.

These NFTs will be invaluable assets in our forthcoming expansion of the Particle Ink Metaverse.

The OpenSea drop will begin on October 26th at 10am EST. 2,111 tokens will be available to mint. The rest of the supply will be pre-minted for Play to Mint, Giveaways, and Promotions.

See our FAQ for more information surrounding lore, utility, gameplay and supply distribution.

Holders will be able to “UNWRAP” (reveal) their pARticle pack 24hrs after the mint at

Items minted2,222
Exclusive Benefits for Holders
  • Interactive AR integration within gaming and live portal applications
  • Exclusive access to the beta AR mini game where holders can earn rewards, transferable to future gameplay
  • Free entry to Live Portal immersive experience in Las Vegas (& across the world) with personalized AR NFT activations
  • Genesis Lightlings will have additional perks in the official game launch, enhancing their abilities and powers
  • Unique asset viewing at with multiple animations that can be placed in AR space - Download and share!
  • Access to an allowlist for future mints
  • Symbols represent a governance token for future sub DAOs
Lift the Veil

The Particle Ink Metaverse debuted on the world stage of TED2022 in Vancouver and was awarded Best Immersive Experience by the Themed Entertainment Association.

Hand drawn by an artist, developed with storytellers, and built by game designers, each Lightling is imbued with innovative utilities that will enhance your journey into the 2.5th Dimension.

Will you stand with your Lightling and fight in the war of A.R.t?


ORDER of NU∆∆J Seraphim: Cloud Collector Devotion: Protect and Balance

Influences weather and ecosystems. Has spiritual connection to the light beasts and plants of the 2.5. Practices the art of clairvoyance.


ORDER of ORPHELIUS Seraphim: Muse of Moons Devotion: Creativity and Art

Providing inspiration to the artists, musicians and storytellers of the 2.5. Good mentors, often supporting and observing others.


ORDER of ARCANA Seraphim: Star Farmer Devotion: Dreams and Lightmares

Mystics. Designers of the night sky and gardeners of the galaxy. Introverted and secretive light witches and space wizards.


ORDER of ION Seraphim: Light Forge Devotion: Invention and Engineering

Rational and logical scientists that understand construction, light physics and sustainable energy. Can mold light into solid, liquid, and gas to create raw materials needed for energy and construction in the 2.5.


ORDER of PASTELLE Seraphim: Rainbowmancer Devotion: Dance and Celebration

The Lightwave Ravers. Life of the party and good friends. Provides the 2.5 with vibrant neon pastels and iridescent earth tones that ward off the inky darkness.