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Paladin Punks

Step into a stress-free and vibrant Web3 community. Honoring the legacy of original Cryptopunks V1 and V2, each Paladin Punk NFT, is a bespoke 24 x 24 pixel art creation by Paladin and mirrors the real people in Web3. Paladin started creating the bespoke artworks modeling after ladies first, as a reminder we need to foster a more inclusive and equal Web3 community going forward.

The Paladin Punks Museum, envisioned by 0xWolfgang, stands as a metaverse epicenter. It hosts a spectrum of events, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. This sustainable ecosystem nurtures innovation and creativity through interdisciplinary connections.

As a member of the Paladin Punks community, you'll gain access to bespoke avatars, the first of their kind, enable you to showcase any kind of profile picture on their backs, symbolizing the interconnectedness of the Web3 world. Embark on an exhilarating journey with our collectible card set, each offering distinct benefits and privileges along the way.

Recently 12 of the Paladin Punks from the Genesis and Generative collection were selected by Beeple for exhibiting during the biggest Cryptopunks event of the year in the Beeple Studios in South Carolina.

We welcome you into our vibrant community to shape a brighter Web3 future.

Oct 2023
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