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Oblivium - Karim Carella


Oblivium is the first abstract project by Karim Carella. In this project the artist investigates new fields of research deeply inspired by inner life, in an attempt to sublimate form as a symbol, simulacrum, icon of one’s values.

An unknown alphabet, synthesized in a primordial sign of horizon, obsessively repeated in its almost infinite combinations. Primordial elements scrambled on a single plane, and then redesigned on layers with different coordinates.

This new photographic language is a courageous journey towards the abstract dimension. A process of transcendence that brings us back to the avant-garde of the twentieth century.

The Oblivium artworks represent an almost disturbing metaphysical calm, in which the negation of the perspective space frees the author in the composition of pure forms such as the line and the plane. A photographic genre with the ethical value of the art of denunciation.


26 unique artworks

Panoramic color photographs

Edition 1/1


26 items