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NY-LA (New York-Los Angeles) by Herman Pretorius

A limited series of up to 120 unique generative art NFTs.

NY-LA started out as drawings of structures reminiscent of NY & LA. The structures are generated by following predefined rules set by the artist. A custom JavaScript program uses a random seed and applies the rules to generate images where the composition, shapes and colors are unique for each iteration. The program is a work in progress that is used for a variety of generative work by the artist. For NY-LA, artworks are released 10 at a time with each release marking a notable progression in the generative and visual capability of the program. The artist selects 10 editions from 100’s of generated outputs for each release cycle.

NFT owners are able to purchase a limited edition archival print of the NFT # they own. Please visit for pricing and ordering instructions. Prints are signed, numbered & shipped worldwide. Print size 7.8 x 7.8 in (20 x 20 cm).

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Sep 2021
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