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NotTeddyRuxpin - OFFICIAL

We get it. There’s a lot of NFT collections out there that promise exclusive access to private clubs, or yacht parties filled with only the elite. While we love a good party (or better yet, a $20M yacht) we can’t and won’t promise you that – that’s not what we’re about. Anyone looking at #NotTeddyRuxpin can easily see how effortlessly cool he is. But what makes him cool is his ability to spread love and kindness to those who need it most. That’s why the #NotTeddyRuxpin NFT collection promises one thing and one thing only – TO GIVE BACK.

  • 15% of every #NotTeddyRuxpin sold will go directly to an individual in need (videos uploaded!)
  • $5000 donation to a Children's Hospital for every 100 #NotTeddyRuxpin's sold
  • $2500 per month will be given to the holder who submitted the most inspired "Giving Back" video

The fact is, exclusive VIP parties, million-dollar yachts, and free swag are all cool, but spreading love & kindness to those who need it most is cooler. JOIN THE MOVEMENT.

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Feb 2022
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