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Nick Davis Legacy Collection

Nick Davis was an artist with a profound mission—to depict the joys and struggles of black Americans. He believed in the importance of representing black individuals as powerful and valued characters in the arts, and he used his talent to bring this vision to life. His artwork often featured characters from his favorite cartoons, reimagined as black figures. Black Bart Simpson, Black Big Bird, Black Stewie—they were all symbols of empowerment and encouragement for black people to see themselves in art and recognize their worth. Nick wanted to ensure that "their dreams matter."

Nick Davis may have departed this world, but his legacy lives on through his art. His work continues to inspire generations, encouraging them to embrace their identity and love themselves for who they are. As people gaze upon Nick's remarkable “Ariel” NFT, they find solace, hope, and a reflection of their own beauty. And amidst the vast ocean of creativity, Nick's voice whispers, "Your dreams matter."

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May 2023
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