The Metaverse Directory

This NFT entitles the holder to a 'Featured' listing on the Metaverse Directory

Only two featured listings will ever exist for each main category on the directory, e.g two for 'Decentraland', two for 'Somnium Space', two for 'The Sandbox', two for 'Cryptovoxels' and two 'Beyond the Meta'

Listings do not expire or have any other associated costs. You are free to sell or gift your NFT and thus your entitlement to the featured listing on the open market at any time

NFT Estate will receive 10% of future sales. This is to contribute to the cost of running the website and the administration involved

You do not have to feature a listing straight away it can be held and utilised for a future Metaverse project

What's included: 1. Featured at the top of specified listing category 2. Listed in the 'Featured' category 3. Featured in Discord server with exclusive member role

Please visit for more details and answers to any questions you may have

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