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Mystical Woodland

A mossy labyrinth of gnarled roots and twisted branches. Was I in Dagobah, a film set from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’? I can’t be. This magical place was Wistman’s Wood. Little was I to know the lasting impression this would leave me with as a young lad, as I find myself re-imagining how I felt, and how I could spread this awe and wonder through my passion for photography.

This hidden gem in the Dartmoor National Park has been fabulously challenging to capture, with six years of steely resolve to achieve images I can be proud of, images that convey the Mystical feeling of Wistman’s.

Trading heavy fog, with light conditions at the crisp first hour of dawn and the softer last hour of dusk, taught me to respect mother nature. Be patient, and I would find the magic. Or was the magic finding me? I still don’t know.

‘Mystical’ is a glimpse into how an area of such beauty has defined me as a photographer, representing my strongest and most rewarding experience so far.

Aug 2021
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