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My 100 Moments

Everyone knows me as the "photoshop guy", but not a lot of people know that I also love street photography

For the past 8 years I've been hiding my secret identity and walking around all over the city in San Francisco to capture these moments

Shooting street photography sometimes makes me feel like I am a hunter of the moment. I walk around to find a perfect spot with lighting and surrounding elements, and I just stand there and wait for my subject to show up. Once they enter my frame, I wait patiently and when they walk into the center of my target, I pull the trigger

All these images were shot on Iphone 4s and 6plus. I, like many students, was broke and didn't have much

They say the best camera is the one you carry with you and so this is the result of that. I've always wanted to find a gallery to present these to but never had a chance. Thanks to NFT, here I am, showing you 8 years of my work and passion. I invite you to life before the pandemic, my first ever photo collection

Sep 2021
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