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This is contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. I have propounded, and am researching and practicing, the art movement called Superflat. One can accomplish art solely by simultaneously delving into and spreading one's own philosophical lideas. In the short decades before an artist's death, they have to create works that manage to remain relevant for hundreds of years thereafter. In that line of thinking, I am starting this experiment because it amounts to digging down into the nature of art within the realm of VR that are recognizable as such, and further diffusing it. Is this merely a slight fluctuation of interest? Or is this the first step towards future values that we don’t yet begin to understand? The series of works I am going to release consists of Murakami’s signature flowers in 24 x 24 pixel art evoking nostalgia for Famicom (NES), prepared in 108 variations, the number that signifies earthly desires in Buddhism.

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