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Mother always provides

Mother always provides

Vulnerble, pure and unconditionally loving.

She stands on the block chain in fierce love to remind us what is really of value. A note in the orchestra of a financial system that is becoming. I am becoming.. she is becoming. Following the love instead of following the money.

The force of the feminine is like a river coursing through the body, her womb washing away the sins of the patriarchy.

This piece is the first part of a big series about the extraction of the mother. Spanning everything from the abusive extraction of nature to prostitution. The micro and the macro are one and the same. The great mother, mother earth, your own mother to every single woman walking this earth. Mother always provides but its time to heal the collective feminine. By doing so the whole human race will move from a different incentive. What can I give instead of what can I gain.

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Dec 2021
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