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Milkshake Friends Official Collection

10,000 hand-drawn, collectible, and charming Milkshake Friends, each with over 160 unique characteristics, including rare NFTs like Gleaming Gold and Sparkling Diamond milkshakes. Milkshake Friends are a part of the Milkshake Friends game.

“We made a vow that one day we would try to make a small difference in the lives of those who suffer due to violence around the world, and particularly in the lives of children who endure a life of poverty and hunger,”

Milkshake Friends was developed with this Charitable goal in mind and with the aim to establish a unique NFT community so that everyone can contribute to the overall accomplishment of the project.

After Phase Three Milkshake Friends non-fungible token holders will have the ability to stake their Milkshake Friends NFT’s in exchange for SPRINKLES tokens, which are an essential currency in the P2E game. Each owner will be responsible for operating their very own Milkshake Friends Parlor, from which they will offer delicious milkshakes.

Jul 2022
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