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MegaTech Electrical Services- Colorado

MegaTech NFT is a collection of NFT'S offering irl utilities. The utilities being an irl electrical service estimate performed in the State of Colorado by a State Licensed and Insured Electrician. A MegaTech Electric LLC service technician will verify wallet address at the time a service estimate is rendered. Upon wallet verification a POAP will be given. The POAP will be hand created 1/1 art on canvas by a collective group of new artists that are partners with MegaTech Electric LLC. The wallet associated to the POAP will be able to vote on future decisions and events. If you are here for the art and would like to contribute to the project you can purchase a MegaTech NFT to reveal and receive the hand created 1/1 POAP. It is the POAP that grants the right to vote. The art will be shipped to the owner via white glove packaging service. The hour associated with contributions will be credited toward two charities in which will receive the benefits. Upon purchase please email MegaTech.

Jan 2022
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