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Medieval Empires - Lands

Land is an integral part of Medieval Empires' economy and gameplay. The land within the game is divided into 6 tiers with the plots within each tier carrying distinctive features and resource generation capabilities.

Each Land NFT is associated with a location on the world map, made up of geographically accurate provinces, divided among multiple counties that will be part of this collection. While Tier 0 is dedicated for onboarding the players, the counties from Tiers 1 to 5 can be bought as NFTs. Each tier carries certain capacity of intrinsic qualities such as Production boost, Time Boost and Unlocking units and decorations.

Along with the intrinsic features for the lands in each tier, the landowners will also get the opportunity to upgrade the land with the help of in-game NFT structures. The in-game revenue can also be collected by renting out plots on the owned land and collecting tax from other players who choose to live and play on these counties.

Sep 2022
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