March 2 Infinity - Visions

Unique art series - 'March To Infinity' - regarding humanities quest into transhumanism.

The story unfolds:

"The March to Infinity had departed. Will Humanity make the right choices ? Through modifications of our bodies we try to attain the status of gods and embrace eternal life. What will this journey bring us? Eternal happiness for all of us or just for the lucky few?"

The Visions sub series captures the journey of humanity towards its ultimate goal through desolate landscapes trying to find the holy stone of forbidden wisdom.

Original created art by - Sedas - drawings using charcoal, pencils and acrylics. Digitized (and possibly reworked) for online eternity.

Each artwork within this collection will only be created once as NFT. By purchasing this item you will become the owner of a unique digital artwork created by Sedas and you become a member of our art collectors family. Furthermore you support an independent artist and his art career.

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