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Malika - Warrior Queen

The Warrior Queen Collection is a selection of art inspired by the Malika - Warrior Queen Series—a multi-award-winning graphic novel series currently being published by Dark Horse Comics. These pieces were created EXCLUSIVELY as NFTs for fans of YouNeek Studios, collectors & the general NFT community to own a part of our YouNiverse.

What is Malika? Malika - Warrior Queen is a historical fantasy epic that takes place in 15th century West Africa. The award-winning graphic novel series was initially self-published by Roye Okupe via his YouNeek Studios outfit. In 2021, after selling over 100,000 copies and garnering 750,000 views (and counting) on Youtube for the animated short film, Dark Horse struck a partnership with YouNeek to republish the series in what was a monumental, 10-book deal announcement.

Malika is currently one of the hottest projects being considered by studios in Hollywood:


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