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Metaverse of Lwoavie ETH

Created by Lwoavie


Metaverse of Lwoavie

Lwoavie has become a renowned writer in Hong Kong who has published more than 80books, among which thousands of different novel characters can be found.

From now on, we will be launching NFTs about the novel characters, ranging from the most original ones to the popular others. Some small characters will even be introduced. We will make manifold thousands of NFTs with different characters and costumes, which will be updated on a regular basis.Welcome to the Metaverse of Lwoavie!

We have decided to send a gift now!

Gift 1. Buy Original in NFT - Code: #0000-#0052, you’ll get all books issued in 2022 from Lwoavie Productions Ltd ., at least have 5books.

Gift 2. Buy any item from Metaverse of Lwoavie that can be obtained (AIRDROP) “LWOAVIECAT TOKEN” which will publishing in 2022


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