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The Sandbox Luxury Estates

People love buying luxury goods. Some do it to boost their self-esteem, while it provides others with a feeling of accomplishment. Some are obsessed with luxury brands due to the premium quality, while others might do it only to gain acceptance from others. Regardless of the underlying psychological or social reasons, we know luxury is part of our culture and is here to stay! Metaverse is no exception to luxury! Lady Pixy Inc. ( is the only luxury brand on The Sandbox with the focus on premium, unique elegant NFT assets and avatars. Luxury Estates is the latest Lady Pixy project. These estates are designed focusing on the needs of the Luxury Consumer community. That's why the project has taken months of work from a team of the best talented designers to create a unique experience for the special owner of these ESTATES. For the first time on The Sandbox, Lady Pixy is proud to announce the new project of Luxury Estates.

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Dec 2021
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