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LunApollo Space Resort

Based on "The tale of LunApollo" by Pas Calarts, this NFTs collection tells the story of NASA early days when an Ai spacecraft disillusioned by Earthlings behaviors crashed on the far side of the Moon to create a world of happy information only!

On July 20th 1969, the AI turned Santa Claus ("because he is the most beloved by children" : ) greets Neil Armstrong and invites him to meet the happy community of toys-like beings he developed.

All live in a resort where only joyful information flows, a peaceful place Santa named "LunApollo" in memory of President Kennedy's dream he presented in 1963 at the United Nations to unify the Russian space program Luna with the American Apollo and promote them for the benefit of all nations!

Discover the origin of the artworks of the LunApollo Space Resort NFTs collection by reading "The tale of LunApollo" at and enjoying the determination of an AI supportive of JKF's vision for a human planetary society on Earth!

Jan 2023
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