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Lovely Humans NFT Original

Warning- There is a fake Lovely Humans NFT collection has been reported to OpenSea. This is the correct one.

Lovely Humans NFTs offer you the chance to gain access for 5 hours to some of the world’s most brilliant minds including additional benefits. A one-off chance for you to meet with the blue-chip experts who have the deep industry knowledge to co-create something new & fix a challenge either as a corporate or something you deeply care about. You & the Expert will have joint ownership over all of the conversations & will have the right to tokenize, monetize them & any projects that are born out of the discussions with the consent of both parties. You also get the chance to customize your artwork, then resell it or have it be part of the permanent Virtual Museum of the Industry Experts alongside any other project you & the Expert create. You will gain early access to all VIP events & be part of our exclusive Lovely Humans community. For questions write us on

Oct 2022
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