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Lights of metaverse

This is the point of the universe, this is the surface of the universe; this is the fragment of the universe, this is the whole of the universe; this is the real universe, this is the virtual universe. Through the virtual, we see the real. As in the real world, we glimpse the illusion. This is an era of self-closing, this is an era of open-mindedness; this is a dark era, this is a bright era; this is a depressed era, this is a joyous era. Who do you choose to be? How will you spend each day on earth?There is an energy that is coming towards us continuously. This is a very strong energy, from the highest point of the universe, from the deepest part of the universe. This is a new beginning, and this is a beautiful beginning. Are you ready? Come on, dear friends, because of the gravitational pull of all things, because of the most special fate, connecting us in the vast world, in the vast sea of ​​people, because we find each other and no long lonely, yet hug each other tightly.

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Jan 2022
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