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Let Them Eat Cake Collection

Welcome to the official collection of Let Them Eat Cake NFTs (acronym; LTEC). Like the hit video “Let Them Eat Cake (Official Video)”, 16 of the world's most popular sports are featured: Soccer, MMA, Basketball, Equestrian, Hockey, Baseball, Formula 1, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby, Volleyball, Football, Boxing, Wrestling, Skiing.

Recently, Earnest received 24 awards and honors after publishing a music video for his debut song "Let Them Eat Cake (Chapter 18)", for documentary soundtrack: “Unity”. Spring 2019 found "Let Them Eat Cake (Chapter 18)" in the top 10 Trend City Radio, for 4 weeks. The song has been coined as the international sports fight song with its infectious rhythm garnering inspiration.


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