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Foggy London

“Without fog London would not be beautiful” said French impressionist Claude Monet. From Victorian writers like Charles Dickens to artists to the advent of cinema; London has often been described and visually depicted as being a foggy city. Think Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper; Alfred Hitchcock even filmed a movie named “The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog” and Frank Sinatra sang a song about it "A Foggy Day (In London Town)".

The irony is that modern day London is not particularly foggy. The fog that covered the city from the Victorian era to the late 1960’s was actually smog, or ‘pea soup fog’ as it was also known; pollution from homes burning coal and factories that powered industry. With the move away from coal burning towards greener energies the skies have cleared up over the capital.

Today there are actually only a few days a year that central London is covered under a blanket of thick fog. This collection is the result of patiently waiting all winter for those rare foggy

Feb 2022
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